Transport Information for Retreat 2020 in Spain


Venue address

Hotel Puerto Mar (Peñiscola)

Avinguda, d’Irlanda, 2-4, 12598, Peñiscola, Castellón, Spain 


By air

From Barcelona Airport (BCN) by train

Fly to Barcelona (El Prat) Airport. Take the metro to arrive at Barcelona Sants station. The train from Barcelona Sants to Benicarló-Peñiscola railway station will take around 130 minutes (you will have a fantastic view on the beautiful Mediterranean along this railway line if you take the seats on the left).


From Valencia Airport (VLC) by train

Fly to Valencia Airport. Take the metro line 5 or line 3 from airport to arrive at Xàtiva metro station. You will arrive at València Estació del Nord railway station. From there it will take around 90 minutes to Benicarló-Peñiscola railway station.


About train ticket

You can purchase tickets online at in advance or buy them directly at the station. 

From Barcelona-Sants to Benicarló-Peñiscola railway station, the earliest train is on 09:30, and the last one leaves at 19:30.

From Valencia-Estació del Nord to Benicarló-Peñiscola railway station there a trains departing from 08:05 till 20:31.


From Benicarló-Peñiscola train station to the Venue

Get off the train at Benicarló-Peñiscola station. ( From the train station you can travel to the venue by bus and walk or by taxi)


-  By taxi

You can take the taxi directly outside of entrance of Train Station  (from the station to Hotel Puerto Mar Peñiscola is approximately 10 kms and will cost around €17-20).


For those whose arrival times are similar, it is of course recommended to share a taxi in order to save the costs as well as to protect the environment. Please let others know in the google group about your timetable if you wish to share.


- By bus

There isn’t bus in the station except in summer,you need to walk about 1km to arrive the city center of Benicarló,from city center (there is one bus stand beside the BBVB bank, Google “Avinguda de Jacinto Benavente 66”) can get bus to arrive bus stop Plaza de la Constitution of Peñiscola(The bus runs every 30 minutes and can arrive Peñiscola in about 25 minutes). get off the bus go north along the street Avinguda de I'Estació with 800 meters to arrive one big around and you can see hotel is in front . Please use Google map to help or ask pass-by.


Contact for any questions on transportation:

Telefone: 0049 1577 4439 388

Email :



酒店:Hotel Puerto Mar (Peñiscola)

地址Avinguda,d’Irlanda, 2-4, 12598, Peñiscola, Castellón, Spain



1 飞抵巴塞罗那机场(BCN)

飞到巴塞罗那 (El Prat)机场。从机场乘地铁至 Barcelona Sants 站。在该站乘火车到目的地Benicarló-Peñiscola 火车站,时间约 130 分钟。(该铁路线沿途一路往南是美丽的地中海风光)


2 飞抵瓦伦西亚机场(VLC)

飞至瓦伦西亚机场,乘坐地铁5号或3号线至Xàtiva站,出地铁可见València Estació del Nord 瓦伦西亚老火车北站,坐火车至目的地Benicarló-Peñiscola火车站,费时约90分钟。



可以提前在Renfe官网订购 或直接现场购买火车票。建议购买TALGO标志的快车票。

Barcelona-Sants Benicarló-Peñiscola 火车站最早一班车 09:30,最晚一班是19:30

Valencia-Estació del Nord Benicarló-Peñiscola站最早一班车08:05,最晚是20:31





- 出租车

出站后可直接在火车站前打车到Hotel Puerto Mar  Peñiscola,行程约10公里,费用17-20欧元之间。建议抵达时间接近的道友们约车拼车可以在google group上分享交流信息。



火车站除了夏天没有直达公交,只能先步行1公里左右到Benicarló市中心找公交 (BBVB银行旁边的公交站点, Avinguda de Jacinto Benavente 66) ,有直达公交坐到Peñiscola市的Plaza de la Constitution站点,公交每半小时一趟,约25分钟可达抵达。下车后从该站沿Avinguda de I'Estació向北直行800米,看到一个大转盘即可抵达酒店。建议使用Google地图或询问热情的西班牙人。



Telefone: 0049 1577 4439 388

Email :